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Spoken by Bobby Carcasses

June 23rd 2015

Music expresses everything. But tonight it’s very meaningful to us because it’s about the first encounter in Cuba between the traditional blues – fusion blues- and our Cuban blues. It’s a huge pleasure to be with you tonight along with our guests, which we will introduce at the proper time. Now the one I want to introduce is a pianist who has reached an uppermost level both in our country and abroad, because of his quality as a musician, as an individual, as composer, as arranger, as a producer, Mr. Roberto Carcasses on the piano.

We are going to be playing the first Blues, which we are dedicating to our friends, who do play traditional Blues, and sometimes Fusion Blues. And this blues, totally Cuban, and with a little Swing as well, is dedicated to one of the greatest Cuban artists, Benny Moré, “Blues with Montuno”, this time with Afrojazz, and these young musicians that you can see here: Jesús Anduz at the trumpet - with only 16 years-old and 100 Fº of fever, and yet he decided to come for he knew that this was a very important encounter both for you and us-; Christian Pimentel on Tenor Saxo; Dayron Rodríguez on Congas, Juan Carlos (El Peje) Rojas on Drums… a master; Rafael Aldama, on bass; Robertico Carcasses, on the piano, and this servant of yours.

Now, this song, what it does, it’s to create the conditions so that you can feel, from now on, the real Blues, the originals, those who came from the Gospels, the Ragtime, the Spirituals, and then derived into the Blues, which then derived into the definitive Jazz. But tonight, we have the pleasure to introduce to you these masters of the blues. Among them, there are musicians who have played with the best musicians of the Universe: for instance, the Sax player Ed Maina, was a member of Shakar Kan, performed with Frank Sinatra, Maynard Ferguson and many others, and in the same way, the rest have had to do with the greatest musicians of the Universe. Specifically, Tony Loeffler, who is not only a Blues, Jazz and fusion musician, but also a pastor who is active, and comes to Cuba periodically: 3 or 4 times a year for many reasons; not only for his contact with the churches in Bauta, but also to bring donations of music instruments. To his friends and those who are in trouble, he comes to help them… to give them spiritual presence. It seems that in a former life he was a Cuban, for he has such a kinship that he demonstrates at every moment. Yesterday we took a few photos at Bosque de la Habana… they went to the Capitol building area, since we are making a DVD to reflect the presence of this group of American musicians in our country, and we are very excited for all that is taking place here. Now, let’s introduce you to Mr.  Tony Loeffler and his group of Fusion Blues with your loving applause.

Bobby Carcasses

The Musicians
Tony Loeffler and Fusion Blues
Tony Loeffler, Lead Vocal and Guitar
Curtis Williams, Lead Guitar and BGV’s
Ed Maina, Sax and horn arranger
Harley Lamoureux,  Harmonica
Sammy Mojica, Bass and BGV’s
Marco DeSciscio, Drums

Bobby Carcasses Band
Bobby Carcasses, Vocals, Trumpet, Arranger
Roberto Carcasses, Pianist
Christian Pimentel, Tenor Sax
Dayron Rodriguez, Congas
Juan Carlos (El Peje) Rojas, Drums
Rafael Aldama, Bass

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