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Music Team

Tony Loeffler and Fusion Blues

Thank you for recognizing and supporting our team of musicianaries.  A term not easily understood.  We use our music and testimonies to reach others with the hope of the Gospel. Thanks for your support. Rev. Tony Loeffler, Lead Vocal and Guitaist.  CLICK THIS LINK TO SUPPORT THE ENTIRE BAND!

Have sticks, Will travel. Thank you for your seed, it will find good dirt. "He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord and will himself be refreshed" Marco DeSciscio, Drummer. TO SUPPORT MARCO CLICK HERE.

From my heart to yours. You are sowing seed in good soil and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I too, was once an inmate and I now love to bring the hope of the Gospel to the inmates so that they can enjoy the joy of the Lord. I appreciate your love, support, prayers and offerings.  Thanks so much! Sammy Mojica, Bass, Vocals. TO SUPPORT SAMMY MOJICA CLICK HERE.

Sharing the Gospel with the "Church Behind Bars" is very active with The Solid Rock.  There are many distractions going on when visiting prisons.  Good audio support helps the message break through the noise and get it to it's intended destination. Your help is much appreciated.  Thank You.

Phil Sommerfeld, Chief Audio Engineer. TO SUPPORT PHIL CLICK HERE.

It has been my sheer delight and pleasure to work beside Rev. Tony Loeffler and the other members of the Solid Rock Music Team. Using my talent and sharing the love of Christ is the purpose of my life. Thank you for your financial support. Serving as a board member for such an important ministry is a real blessing and great responsibility. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.

To help Ed Maina CLICK HERE