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Prison Ministry

How you can help!

Some stay and pray, some give and some go. 
All are needed to advance His Work.




Sign up as part of the Intercessor’s Prayer Team – Prayer is the heart and power of this ministry.

The International Solid Rock, Inc., a 501©(3) not-for-profit religious organization, takes the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the incarcerated. Through a concentrated multi-day approach using musical programs, teaching, training, and personal testimonies, Solid Rock will reach thousands of inmates with the claims of Jesus Christ and emphasize the importance of living by Christian values.

Today, there are 2.3 million inmates behind bars of which 95% will eventually be released.  Unfortunately, two out of three will reoffend and return to prison.  This problem is addressed through the multi-day program by addressing crime at its foundation – the human heart.

Although many programs such as education, social justice, and substance abuse programs, etc., are all important aspects of helping the incarcerated and their families, we believe that successful outreach to the inmate community must start with the power of the Gospel to transform lives from the inside out.  This multi-day model of prison evangelism and discipleship creates a therapeutic community for the inmate population that has a restorative ripple effect on the individual, prisons, inmate families, and society.

The body of Christ is alive, growing and diverse and it is important that inmates understand their identity and calling as members of the body of Christ.  There is no one more qualified to reach an inmate with the comfort of Jesus in the middle of the night than a fellow inmate who is follower of Jesus.  The main focus is to build up the inmates and develop leadership so they can improve their quality of life before and after their release.

The International Solid Rock, Inc. has been engaged in prison ministry for over forty years.  Founder Rev. Tony Loeffler is a Blues Hall of Fame artist that attracts many inmates who would never otherwise visit religious programs.   His previous incarcerations give him a special understanding of what changes need to take place in order to become a productive citizen in society.  The inmates are always encouraged by the example standing before them and know that it is not just empty words.  It is commonly stated by prison chaplains that there is great anticipation in the air when the inmates know we are coming to their unit.  Inmates are often baptized at these programs as a public testimony of the inner change that has taken place.

Volunteer Today – Join The Ministry Team On A Short Term Mission Trip

Our multi-day program begins with our hospitality team greeting the entire prison population on the feeding line.  Each inmate is given literature handouts with our contact information and an invitation to the programs.  In the three evenings, we offer evangelistic and worship concerts including personal testimonies.  In the afternoons, we offer Biblical teaching and training sessions for leaders.  Topics include parenting, evangelism explosion, prayer, living by faith, changing hearts/changing lives, baptism, communion, and occasionally a video testimony by David Berkowitz, formerly known as the Son of Sam.

Some of the ministry team also visits those in lockdown confinement for personal prayer and encouragement.  There are an estimated 128 units in the DOC state of Florida housing 99,600 inmates as of October 2015.  Our best estimate is that we will reach 90% of that population with the help of God’s people. 

To further support Christian growth, through partnering ministries we drop ship between 40,000-50,000 books, Bibles, DVD’s, Christian education materials, and music CD’s for lending libraries to each facility visited

Become an Impact Partner – Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord….and He will repay him/her for their deed.” Proverb 19:17

Financial help is needed for professional audio sound support, discipleship materials and tracts, postage cost to send Bibles and other materials, instructors for teaching and training sessions, communion elements, equipment repairs, back office supplies, and musical instruments and equipment that we donate to facilities for their worship teams.

BECOME A PEN PAL DESCIPLESHIP PARTNER  (Hebrews 13:3 – Remember the prisoners…….)

Each inmate is encouraged to enroll in Crossroads Bible Institute, Pen pal discipleship program and CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) where their children enroll in mailbox Bible clubs along with family members.  In 2014, 325 Inmates, 769 Children of inmates, and 121 inmate family members signed up for this excellent correspondence program through Solid Rock. We attribute our past spiritual success to a strong international Internet prayer community and 650 newsletter subscribers.

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