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Children Ministry

Reaching the families and communities through the
children with the Hope of the Gospel and humanitarian relief.

We support pastors in 3 communities where alcohol, drugs, theft, violence, poor hygiene and gambling run rampant every day. These local pastor know their community, culture and language better.

Biblical evangelism is conducted through door-to-door evangelism. The Gospel is presented through preaching, teaching, and testimonies.

The humanitarian relief is facilitated through breakfast prepared at the pastor’s houses for those children of these communities who have nothing to eat before school, and they are provided a bun of bread and a cup of powdered milk along with The Word of God. In addition, various supplies are provided such as clothing, eyeglasses, medical equipment and supplies, medicines, Bibles, books, musical instruments and equipment for church worship leaders, work tools, and other religious literature to help build the Body of Christ.