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Name: Tony Loeffler


Cuba/USA 2014
Cuba Para Cristo 2004
In The Texas Heat 2001
Hymns 1999
Bootleg Live 1997
Best of the Rooftop 1993
Rooftop Series #1 1990
Rooftop Series #2 1990
Rooftop Series #3 1991
Rooftop Series #4 1991
Rooftop Series #5 1991
Rooftop Series #6 1992
Rooftop Series #7 1992
Hopes of Glory 1985
Harvest is Ready 1983

Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Book: The Bible
Favorite Movie: The Passion
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Quote: All things are possible.

My photo albums:

In the Texas Heat

Bootleg Live

Cuba Para Cristo


My favorite songs:

Finish Line
Call on Jesus Name
Ain’t No Grave
Blind Willie McTell
In My Father’s House
Goin By The Book

My favorite links:

Tony Loeffler and Fusion Blues

On August 8th, 2014, Tony Loeffler was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame.

Tony Loeffler performed at the (1996) 30th anniversary, (1998), (1999), (2000) (2003) and (2005) of the renowned Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland alongside some of music’s biggest names (“A major, enjoyable experience,” Loeffler humbly says) and have performed at the Cross Rhythms Festival and numerous other locations throughout England over the last fifteen years. His 15 albums in 25 years on L&A Records reflect his consistent productivity.

Known and respected for his work inside prison walls for over 36 years, Loeffler has led a powerful music team, the Solid Rock Evangelistic Association, where he has touched thousands of hearts with God’s message of hope and the words of Jesus Christ.

(Loeffler received special Presidential Recognition in 1992 for his song writing.)