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Medical Clinics

We work with 5 churches that help their communities with medicines. This communities are located away from the big cities. These locations have limited resources. We provided these pastors with pain killers/fever reducers for both: adults and children, band aids, antibiotics, vitamins, asthma sprays, cough suppressants, ointments, antacids, thermometers, glucometers, blood pressure monitors, nebulizers, bandages, etc.

These medical help has also become an evangelistic tool. There are always people in the community, who are not interested in listening the message of the Gospel, but in a moment of need, they may come to the church to find a medicine, and then they are offered prayers, Gospel Tracts and an invitation to join to the service. In this way they can experience God’s love through His Church and His children. We have seen many come to know Jesus this way.