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Via Dolorosa


This song was written by Tony Loeffler in 1991. It was prophetic then and is certainly now. He has performed this song in prisons, festivals, churches and rescue messages throughout the world. Tony heads up a ministry called THE SOLID ROCK INTERNATIONAL, INC. and still performs this trademark song he wrote in 1991.

Tony Loeffler - Singing Gotta Serve Somebody in Cuba 2016

Tony Loeffler performs with Bobby Carcasses a long time friend and well known artist who has been performing music in Cuba for over 60 years. Also joining Tony are Sammy Mojica on Bass and Jesus on Trumpet. This video is part of a jam during a trombone seminar presented by Demetrios Kastaris from New York. Demetrios was Tony's guest on this important visit.

Cuba Historical Concert

The concert you are viewing made history in Cuba as it is the first time in over 50 years that USA and Cuba performed on the same stage at the Museum Bella Artes, in downtown Habana, Cuba. It was an exciting night with Bobby Carcasses and his band and Tony Loeffler and Fusion Blues. A musical experience that shows the importance of music bringing people together.

This was a historical concert performed by Bobby Carcasses and Tony Loeffler in Habana, Cuba.