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Team 2 Leader

Debbie Milligan

Debbie Milligan is the President and Founder of Healing Wings Ministries. As an ordained minister of the Gospel, she is seasoned as a musician, speaker and teacher. Debbie speaks with great authority about real life issues that have been forged in the fire of her own life experiences. She has overcome many storms, including a fatherless childhood, teen years plagued with hard core drugs and alcohol abuse, as well as many years of domestic violence. Her openness and transparency often create a safe refuge that invites others in from the storm. Debbie is a songwriter and recording artist. She has ministered worldwide for 23 years reaching out to those who are broken, bound and spiritually lost with hope for healing and freedom through the transformational love of Jesus Christ. She has a deep passion for people to flourish in the totality of salvation by being restored back to intimacy and God’s original design for wholeness.

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