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Musical Volunteers

Meet some of the hundreds of talented musicians that Tony has performed with over the years.

Tony Loeffler

Larry Howard

Curtis Williams

Harley Lamoureux

Eliane Guite

Ed Maina

Rick Krive

Marco DeSciscio

Enrico Orsini

Mark Mason

Suzie Mason

Sammy Mojica

Galo Rivera

Scott Hazen

Tony’s Body Guards
(Drifter, Roller, Sasquash, Catfish)

Gustovo Eraso

Earl Bennett

Sergio Vitier, Tony, Bobby

Karen Sibilia

Eric Bright

Jimmy Medina

Bobby Carcasses in Cuba

Tony meets Larry in Daytona

Sergio Vitier and Tony in Cuba

Tomomi Arango

Glenn Kaiser

Johnny Mannion

Rev. Jimmy Bratcher

Skip Frye

Rey Perez

Walter Dunbar

Michael Hall

Carlos Zulletta

Mario Luis Diaz Rojas

Mary Taylor

Avery Moses

Big John Swanger

Kenny Schweighardt

Don Overbey

Debbie Milligan

Luz Jiminez

Matthew Mason

Kurt Kelly

Phil Sommerfeld

Mark Breckenridge





In addition to these great men and women of God that Tony has performed with over the years, he has performed with a few hundred inmates as well. You never know what flavor the music will have from night to night as the chemistry changes so often. It is a journey and experience to enjoy!