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Church Behind Bars

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The Church Behind Bars

“Shooting Stars” Prison Tour

Media Edit:  5 Minutes

The church behind bars is alive, growing and diverse.

It is time to remove the veil so that the world can look inside and see some of the characteristics that are unique to this part of the body of Christ

Witness the power of collaboration cradled in an innovative multi-day prison ministry format that encourages, inspires and empowers the church behind bars to fulfill their calling. This multi-day format helps create a therapeutic community for the inmate population that has a restorative ripple effect on the prison, inmate families and society.

"The Church Behind Bars," a documentary film released by the Solid Rock Ministry, is a powerful confirmation of the work of God in one of the most challenging environments on earth: the prison system. Intelligently conceived, compassionately filmed, and effectively edited. 


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It took over forty years to get this video before the public. There is a revival going on in the prison system and thousands are coming to Christ and getting baptized. The church behind bars has been growing and lives are being transformed by the power of the Gospel. In this video, the Multi-Day prison model is presented as a new approach for prison ministry. For years, the out side church has gone behind the walls to do the work of the Great Commission. Although Hebrews 13:3 encourages Christians to visit those in prisons, we must adapt to the principle of encouraging and empowering The Church Behind Bars. There is no one better equipped to reach an inmate than another inmate who knows the power of the Gospel.

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